Costa Rica Sup & Yoga is creating a FLOATING YIN Yoga class! We will introduce
some innovative props that are water resistant to help reach all the “juicy nuggets” of
tension that we carry with us daily.

What is Yin Yoga on the water? It is an all levels yoga class where poses are seated
or reclined. Each pose is held for 2-5 minutes on your floating mat. The poses are held
for a longer period, as to release the tension deep within the tissue.

To get your Yang, we will spend about 15 minutes in each direction paddling to a calm
location for the class. The yin portion will last for an hour where you will be guided
through a sequence that promotes relaxation, targeting the release of deep muscles in
the connective tissue of the body. Your joints and muscles will have more range of
motion and will become more hydrated. Feel the warm waters touch on your fingertips,
smell the salty sea air, hear the gentle sounds of the waves crashing against the beach
as you hold space in each pose for a longer period of time. You will leave feeling
relaxed, lengthened, and renewed.

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