Relax and Revive-Yoga at your Villa or on the Beach

Imagine yourself doing yoga and relaxing in tropical paradise, on or overlooking the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Deepen your personal practice of asana, breath-work and mediation, focussing on specific techniques or simply enjoy a guided practice for yourself and your group. Our instructors are flexible and will hold class where you want it and when you want it – beach, poolside at the villa; early morning, mid-day or sunset.

Our land based classes will be lead Gaby Naranjo Figueres. Originally from San Jose, Costa Rica, Gaby has been passionate about movement since she was a little girl. Experienced in several artistic disciplines, she is a professional dancer and certified Hatha yoga instructor. Her mission is to connect body and mind through training and meditation, improving corporal conscience, body control, and overall serenity. She will guide you on a A balanced combination of sustained poses as well as some poses flowing in a mindful progression from one to another. Attention is always given to basic alignment. Mindfulness, observing breath and body are an integral part of class. We are lucky to team up with her.

Open to all levels from curious beginner to experienced yogi, individuals or groups.

All Private Yoga Classes duration: 75 mins (unless otherwise requested)

Family friendly, Fun For All!
Please allow 48 hours advance booking.
Included Yoga mat and Props

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