My friend always uses this expression.  Well it has certainly has been ringing true in 2020.  PPE… I am talking about always using and having these items with you when you paddle.

These items are mandatory: leash, pfd, water, and a phone. We all get lazy.  But, here are some simple examples of why these items are a must have.  True story i was hosting a full moon paddle last January and we should have cancelled due to the excessive wind, but we did not.  One paddler was a novice and could not paddle into the wind.  I took my leash and attached it to her board then was able to tow her for the paddle then into shore safely.  Always have a leash with you.

Life preservers- some places it is mandatory. I require one to be on the board. Suppose you see a person struggling in the water, you can potentially save their life by getting it on the person in trouble- then you are able to get them onto your board safely.  Believe me any extra flotation gear will help a person in need.  again if someone should have a heat stroke, you will need all the extra PFDs to help them stay afloat until your able to safely manage to get them onto the board or back to a beach or pier safely.

Water- thats just common sense!

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