An Introductory workshop by Sheila D. Bell

Learn Tai Chi and its benefits to help reduce stress and anxiety. Increase your flexability and balance.

Feeling worried, stressed, unwell, or unsafe?
Feeling tired, aimless, and sad?
Struggling with aches and pains?
Wishing you had more energy, joy, and focus?
Hello, my name is Sheila D. Bell. I was introduced to Tai Chi Qigong eighteen years ago by my acupuncturist and found that it helped immensely with my energy levels and joint problems (a life-long struggle for me starting at age fifteen). I didn’t know at the time how deeply Tai Chi would affect me.

For the past five years I have studied under Richard Clear, and this year he named me Regional Organizer for Clear’s Tai Chi in Costa Rica. Our style focuses on internal energy. In other words, while the physical aspects are important and beneficial, this thousands-of-years-old method is really about the flow of chi initiated by the physical moves, by the breath, and by your mind.

Tai Chi Chuan is often referred to as a moving meditation due to the calming effect it has on your outlook, relieving stress and releasing tension. By strengthening your body, opening joints, and increasing your inner energy flow, you will improve your reflexes, flexibility, resilience, and vitality.

Clear’s Tai Chi is a martial art system which improves your health, confidence, general well-being, and peace of mind. We practice Tai Chi in a standing position, walking through the moves with gentle motion. You may also sit if needed. You will feel energized and relaxed when you finish.

Observable benefits which you may experience with a consistent practice include:

·        Better balance
·        Increased bone density
·        Increased muscle mass
·        Increased oxygen levels
·        Lower blood pressure and heart rate
·        Better posture and alignment
·        Strength and peace of mind
·        Increased psychic ability and energy healing
·        Connection of the mind, breath, body, and energy
·        Ability to manipulate chi
·        Mind, body, and spirit development
·        Increased energy reserves for longevity
·        Self-defense and attack neutralization skills
·        Many, many more at higher levels.

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