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India is the founder of Costa Rica Sup and Yoga. She spent a great portion of her life on the water boating and working on yachts. I have been in love with nature and preserving the environment since a child. Midlife I  developed a passion for yoga and desired to take that practice onto the water to do  be closer to nature, all the while knowing that we would be settling in a little beach town in Northern Costa Rica. In 2015 she completed her 200 hour teacher training in Todos Santos, Mexico then continued her education of SUP yoga instruction in 2018 in Tulum, Mexico. Moving to Costa Rica full time in 2016 and opening the SUP business in 2018 and a Yoga studio in 2020. I still miss yachting and continue to freelance when the opportunity presents itself.

Meet Gaby she has been with Costa Rica Sup & Yoga from its beginning. Movement and community service has been her passion since she was a little girl. She studied several artistic and sportive disciplines until she chose it as a profession that she enjoys today as a professional dancer, Hatha yoga instructor, and Sup yoga instructor. Gaby found in the yoga world the answer to the life she always dreamed of: helping people through her love for movement and human body knowledge. Her mission is to connect body and mind through training and meditation, improving corporal conscience, body control and overall serenity.

ESPAÑOL; Apasionada del movimiento y de la ayuda a la comunidad desde que era pequeña, incursionó en gran variedad de disciplinas artísticas y deportivas, hasta que lo eligió como profesión y campo de investigación. Gaby ahora es bailarina de profesión e Instructora certificada de Hatha yoga y SUP yoga. Dice que encontró en el mundo del yoga la respuesta a la vida que siempre soñó: ayudar a la gente a través de su amor por el movimiento y el conocimiento del cuerpo humano. Su objetivo es conectar el cuerpo con la mente mediante el entrenamiento y la meditación para lograr más y mejores posibilidades de movimiento, desarrollando la consciencia y el control corporal, así como un estado general de serenidad.



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